ADET Energy

Join us to connect Australia's Grid.

We aim to interconnect Australians grid network to reduce cost and improve grid stability.

HVDC Network

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) as opposed to High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) for efficient transmission over longer distances.

Smart Grid

Using the latest software and technology to ensure a smart interconnected grid for the ease of regulators and renewable energy developers.

Potential Project Engagement?

Linking up with ADET now would provide a unique first-mover advantage to select the best-suited projects early.


Technical transmission network partner that has core experience in the development and deployment of large efficient smart grid solutions.


Construction expertise that will bring global knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible methods of construction and procurement can be applied to the project for best safety, timing and cost-effective outcomes


Operations and maintenance partner will provide solutions that will introduce a new state of the art industry and job capabilities and provide the opportunity for the development of new learning and educational centres focused on smart energy transmission and renewable energy.


Development capital and project investors that are based both locally and internationally and that have a specific focus on investments that provide a sustainable and renewable energy future and that have the capability to see the value that a company like ADET can bring to the future here in Australia.

ADET Projected Figures



ADET Transmission Network (HVDC)



ADET Renewable Generation Capacity



Total ADET Potential Generation

Strategic Project Partners

We combine industry leaders and investors to connect the Australian grid

Why Choose ADET

A highly qualified team with vast amount of industry experience, with the common vision of connecting the independent grid clusters across Australia.