ADET Energy

The Project

ADET's Smart Grid of the Future

Australia has been overly dependent on centralised coal fired power generation over the last 60 years, due to their abundance of coal reserves. With an estimated coal fleet of +15 GW approaching end of life over the next 15 years it needs to be replaced with new renewable energy sources (i.e. wind and solar).

The ADET value proposition is entrenched in a smart transmission network which brings about much needed stability, no-curtailment and greatly improved availability. This will enable large scale renewable energy projects to connect with assurance and confidence to a stable transmission network that will provide greater commercial certainty to their projects connected output.

Grid Resilience

Enhanced HVDC network allows integration of renewable energy project without curtailment and blackouts

Smart Grid

A smart, flexible, and secure transmission network for optimized dispatch and enhanced trading mechanisms

Transcontinental Grid

Transcontinental interconnected grid with geographic independent generation, time shift generation and weather independent generation.

Increase Renewable Energy

Unlock +20GW of vast untapped renewable generation capacity along the Australian coast and inland.

High Voltage Direct Current

Liaise with OEMs such as GE, Siemens and Hitachi ABB to develop +5,000 km of High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) networks to connect Australia’s states

Optimize Project Location

Great options and flexibility for project developers to identify land which is both cheap as well as optimal in terms of resources for the desired renewable energy

Project Timeline

Current Status
Concept Studies & Project Development
Raise Development Capital
Feasibility Study
Finalize Grid Capacity
Secure Permits & Regulatory Approval
Project FID
Project Execution